In an effort to meet the growing market trend for defense against cyber attacks we selected our four fields of operation. Our aim is to help companies in securing their digital activity at all levels.

This is how the idea of Digital Investigations project was born.

The project comprises of:

  • IT Security Consulting services in the following two forms:

  • Help establish a reliable IT Security Strategy, customized to a company’s needs and expectations.

  • Fill the gap between a company’s Management and their IT department, either in-house or outsourced, by providing supervision of their IT deployment and support team ensuring they comply with the necessary points of the Security Strategy.

  • Penetration Testing/Ethical Hacking, to help companies ensure their security lever against cyber-attacks.

  • Digital Forensic services, providing comprehensive certified reports of digital data analysed covering all digital devices.

  • Insiders Threat detection and prevention services for digital data protection against internal attacks.


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