Mnorel’s presentation on “Employability and Internship Month” of UCLan Cyprus

Mnorel participated in the "Employability and Internship Month" event held by the UCLan Cyprus. The UCLan event managed to bring in direct contact their school's students with companies operating in Cyprus. The main purpose of the event was to inform students about available business directions after the completion of their studies, but also about the possibilities of their practice in a Cyprus company during the summer of 2017.

Mr. Georgios Pagkos, Mnorel CEO, had the opportunity to present the activity areas of Mnorel Ltd and answer to student questions about our services on Ethical Hacking, Digital Forensics and Information Systems Security Services.

He gave guidelines to students who are thinking of following the Security of Information Systems direction either in Penetration Testing or in the field of Digital Criminology.

Information was provided about the required certifications offered by the leading companies in these fields, and the path that one should follow to acquire these certifications.

The event concluded with real, personal student interviews, and two objectives were met:


  • were evaluated for available jobs as future Mnorel Ltd employees, and

  • were provided with in detail information on how our company operates.

Significant emphasis was given on the exhausting demands of Penetration Testing, a field that was also of interest to most students.

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