Veriato 360

Employee Monitoring Software

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Investigate Employees

When you suspect an employee of wrongdoing, you need to begin a discrete investigation quickly. Securely collect, review, and report on the online and communication activity and the context in which it occurred.

Detect Insider Threats

77% of IT pros believe insiders are the biggest threat to security. 50% of breaches are a result of employee behavior. Insider threats require advanced detection to provide early warning, with informed and rapid response in the event of an incident.

Increase Productivity


The success of your company relies on peak employee performance and productivity. Benchmark and measure employee workflow with accurate and easy-to-read reports without investing a lot of time and analyzing data.

Explore the products that thousands of companies are using to increase security, improve incident response, and enhance productivity.

Employee Investigator


A solution for temporary focused workplace and Human Resources investigations that installs quickly and records detailed information on employee activity.

User Behavior Analytics


Using advanced machine learning, Recon User Behavior Analytics software analyzes insider behavior, detects anomalies, and alerts when behavioral shifts suggest insider threat to your data.

User Activity Monitoring


Providing unmatched visibility, 360 User Activity Monitoring Software Is the system of record for use in incident response, high-risk insider monitoring, and productivity reporting.

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