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Employee Monitoring Software

Veriato 360 employee monitoring software provides unmatched visibility in the online and communications activity of employees and contractors.  It is the system of record, presenting detailed, accurate, and actionable data for use in incident response, high-risk insider monitoring, and productivity reporting.

Built For Visibility

Purpose built to collect, report, and alert on the activity of the people who interact with your IT resources and information. Provides context-rich information that supports critical decision-making.

Proven Technology

Using a unique data collector refined over a decade and deployed on millions endpoints, Veriato computer monitoring software collects information that is otherwise unavailable, and stores it securely, without impacting workflows.

The Data You Need

Veriato computer monitoring software provides an impressive array of options for reviewing data including rapid alerting, intuitive dashboard, scheduled reports, video style play back, and integrations with 3rd party systems insure you have the data you need, where and when you need it.

Conducting Incident Response

Veriato user activity monitoring software provides a system of record of all employee activity meaning quicker answers to questions like “what happened”, “how did it happen”, and “how do we contain it.” When limiting damage and reducing recovery time are essential, Veriato 360 delivers for CSIRT teams in some of the largest companies in the world. See what they see.

Monitoring High Risk Insiders

Every organization has employees or contractors that are greater risks than others. This may be because of their role and the access that comes with it, or because of a condition - like an HR situation. Higher risk employees require greater oversight and our monitoring software enables detailed, context rich collection and inspection of user activity without interfering with workflow.

See Veriato 360 in Action

Avoid Becoming a Statistic

Designed to deliver the visibility and context you need to monitor and track employee activity

Video Playback

Veriato computer monitoring software uses a screen recorder that allows you to see the context of an event by watching the playback of the screen activity exactly as it occurred. 


Powerful activity alerting keeps you informed about potential security and policy violations, and can serve as a trigger to accelerate data capture when events you define occur.

3rd Party Integrations

Veriato employee monitoring software Integrates with leading SIEMs like Splunk and Arcsight, plus an array of additional integration options to support getting the data you need where you need it.

Quick View Panels

Action-oriented charts that provide a high level view of aggregated data, and allow for click and drill-down exploration of events.

Global Search

Find all instances of your search criteria located anywhere in the 360 database with one-click access detailed data or screenshots related to the selected event.

File & Document Tracking

Track activities on local, removable, and cloud storage, as well as print operations. See when files are created, edited, deleted, or renamed.

Keystroke Logging

When needed, the option to record every keystroke, including “hidden” characters and combinations, insures you have the visibility you need into the activity of highly privileged users. With the Veriato keylogger feature, all keystrokes can be recorded.

Email Recording

Capture communications activity in traditional email clients as well as many popular webmail services, and have a searchable system of record that can be alerted and reported on.

Web Activity

Significantly more sophisticated than browser history, Veriato employee monitoring software records and maintains information about web activity, including how long a user was engaged or active on a site.

Works with Veriato Recon user behavior analytics software

Veriato 360 is tightly integrated with Veriato Recon, providing single console management of User Behavior Analytics that compliments Employee Monitoring to secure against insider attacks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Veriato 360 and Veriato Recon work together?

The two solutions are designed to work together seamlessly. Operating from one console, you can deploy both User Behavior Analytics via Veriato Recon and User Activity Monitoring via Veriato 360.

This tight integration enables a proper coverage model – insuring lower risk employees behavior is baselined and analyzed, while higher risk employees activity is more closely monitored.

In addition, when Veriato Recon detects a meaningful anomaly in behavior, it’s a simple process to engage the power of Veriato 360 to quickly review the underlying user activity data – so you get the intelligence you need to act quickly and appropriately.


Does Veriato 360 work with Citrix® XenApp™ or Microsoft® Terminal Services?


Veriato 360 will record all Windows users that log in to the server using Terminal Services or Citrix software. When reviewing the data, simply set the criteria to view the information by user, instead of by computer, and you will be able to review the information from each Terminal Services or Citrix user.

Can Veriato 360 be used in a Windows Workgroup Environment?


Yes. This will work as long as each computer has one Administrator Account with the exact same username and password (case sensitivity rules apply). When you wish to administer the computers, you would need to logon to the Veriato 360 Control Center computer using this account.

Won't Veriato 360 fill up our hard drives with data?


It is important to note that Veriato 360 will be configured so that the recordings are moved to the Data Vault and MS SQL Server Express Database (included components in all Veriato 360 software), thus effectively taking almost no disk space on the local computer, because recordings are automatically transferred from the local computers to the Data Vault and SQL Database several times per hour. In those cases where the computer being recorded becomes disconnected from the network, such as a laptop traveling for business, Veriato 360 continues to record and keeps the recordings on the local hard drive until the laptop reconnects to the network, and thus to the Data Vault and SQL Database, and automatically transfers all its saved recordings to the Data Vault and SQL Database at that point in time.


The amount of disk storage required per day for each computer being recorded will generally range from between 2 and 20 megabytes per day, depending upon the types of events being recorded. For example, if you choose not to record screen snapshots, the storage requirements go down substantially, perhaps to below one megabyte per computer per day.


With those computers writing to the Data Vault, won’t that be a lot of traffic on our network?


You will be surprised at how little traffic is generated. Plus, the traffic that is generated is managed to minimize bottlenecks. By default, every 4 minutes, each computer will automatically transfer recorded information to the Data Vault and SQL Database for no longer than 30 seconds. No information is recorded or sent across the network after a computer is idle for 3 minutes.


In eight hours, assuming a worst case scenario whereby the computer is constantly being used and interacted with for the full 8 hours, information is transferred approximately 120 times (every four minutes). Ten MB divided by 120 transmissions equals approximately 83 KB for each transmission.


Will I have to set up appropriate permissions for the folder where Veriato 360 stores its screen snapshots and email attachments?


All screen snapshot and email attachment recordings are saved by the Data Vault which is a Windows Service running with Administrator privileges. You will need to change only the permissions for the Data Vault folder if you wish non-Administrators to access recorded screen snapshots and email attachments.



Can I install the software to many computers at the same time?


Yes, Veriato 360 provides the ability to install and configure many computers simultaneously through the use of logical groups. Computers are assigned to the same group and then an installation or configuration change to a group creates an installation or configuration change to all computers in the group.


For instance, if you wish to install the same configuration to all computers in the Accounting Department, you can create a group titled "Accounting" and assign the appropriate computers to that group. Veriato 360 will then allow you to push out an identical pre-configured installation to all of the computers in the "Accounting" group.



Will Veriato 360 record laptops that are not always connected to the network?


When the Veriato 360 Recorder is installed on a laptop, it records activity to the network Data Vault as does any computer. If the Client is disconnected from the network, as is the case when a laptop travels, recording will still continue on the Client and all events will be saved locally on the laptop. After the laptop re-connects to the network, it will recognize that it once again has access to the Data Vault and SQL Database and upload the previously stored recordings.


Can I re-configure the Veriato 360 Recorder (Client) installation on several computers at the same time?


Yes. Veriato 360 features a mass update tool, which allows you to update the settings on several computers at the same time, even if the computers are turned off.

System Requirements


Windows® 10, 8, Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server® 2008

Mac OS® X 10.9 or higher running on a 64-bit Intel processor

Network Access (Networked on a Windows Domain, Workgroup, or Novell® Network)

Administrator access to computer for remote installation


Control Center

Windows® 10, 8, 7, Windows Server® 2012, Windows Server® 2008

Network access to servers, database, PCs, and Macs monitored



Windows® 10, 8, 7, Windows Server® 2012, 2008

Network access to the Veriato 360 SQL instance

Windows login or login privileges to the Database


Server Components

Windows® 10, 8, 7, Windows Server® 2012, 2008


Windows operating system, x32 or x64

Enterprise class server (Pentium® III / Intel® Xeon®, 8 GB RAM) is recommended for ongoing use, but any newer Windows system is appropriate for evaluation.

SQL Server Host Server—OS in native English

SQL Server Host Server—NTFS file system (not FAT32)

Static IP address is recommended

40 GB free disk space